20 Examples of Timeline in Web Design

Timeline style is being adopted in many ways these days because its clearness in displaying chronological events and great looking at the same time. We’ve seen Facebook page or apps like Path that utilise timelines. The impact on business of doing this timeline thing is probably still in doubt. But clearly it can be used in events page or at lease a company story, etc. We’ve come across a couple of timeline based web pages and some nice dribbble shots recently, so it’s time to post a web design showcase article today.

And don’t forget to check out these ones:

Mixpanel About Us Timeline

Design Week Portland Timeline
Design Week Portland Timeline

About Felix Timeline

Work by Dan Mall

Rodania  History and tradition


TL by Anh Vu Hoang

Timeline Web Design

TL by Felipe Luize

Timeline Navigation

TL by Wouter

Simple Timeline

TL by Hendra Gunawan

Floating Activity Timeline

TL by Joshua Hynes

Project Timline

TL by Matthew Martin

Alternate Timeline

TL by Daniela Alves

Jobs Timeline

TL by James

Date Timeline

TL by Evan Stremke

Timeline by Evan

TL by Victor Erixon

Timeline by Victor

TL by Tyler Thompson

Timeline by Tyler

TL by Jeremy Sallée

Timeline by Jeremy

TL by Lukas Majzlan

Timeline by Luca

TL by Jesse Dodds

Timeline by Jesse
Have you seen any other great examples of timeline design? Share with us in the comments!

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