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10 Great jQuery Notification Plugins to Increase User Experience

Popup forms are relatively intrusive and people hate it. A little notification box to notify users a successful event or an error would be simply better. With the following powerful and dead easy to use jQuery notification plugins, this job is fairly easy to do by one or two lines of code. There are tons of customisations you could do to suit the real case. Either an alert, success, error, warning notification, or sticky, non-sticky, auto-close, etc, etc. You name it. They are definitely worth a try.

You May Find Following Plugins Useful As Well:

1. Pines Notify

jQuery Notification Plugin
Pines Notify Option
Pines Notify is a JavaScript notification plugin that is designed to provide an unparalleled level of flexibility, while still being very easy to implement and use. It has tons of customisations for you to choose and it’s themeable through Bootstrap or jQuery UI.

2. Noty

Noty is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create alert, success, error, warning, information, confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog. Like Pine Notify, there are many options as well and the placement is very flexible.

3. jNotify

JNotify Demo
jNotify is a notification plugin to display animated (informations, errors, success) boxes in just one line of code.

4. Notify

Notify is a lightwieght notification plugin, and its easy to use. Its structure a little diffently then most plugins, its really more like a extension, to give you absolute control over the notifications.

5. Notify!

Notify Free jQuery Notification Bar Plugin
Notify! is a jQuery Notification Plugin which adds simple notifications bars that you can use on your website and application to assist users while they fill in forms, navigate through pages or interact with interface.

6. Sticky

Sticky Notification jQuery Plugin
Sticky allows you to send such messages with ease, and class. Quickly notify a user of software updates, process completions, or annoy them with registration reminders.

7. MiniJS Notification

MiniJs  Notification
MiniJS notification is a very simple yet useful plugin to just place a little note on top of the page.

8. jQuery Toast Message

JQuery Toast Message
jQuery Toast Message is a jQuery plugin which provides android-like notification messages. It’s a quite nice way to report info or error to the user.

9. Gritter for jQuery

JQuery Gritter
Gritter is a very nice growl-like notification plugin to use on website, which creates a beautiful notification box like the ones in Mac OS X.

10. jQuery Notification Plugin

JQuery notification Plugin
jQuery notification plugin helps better and enrich message notification system for your web application. This plugin contains four types of notification systems such as Success, Error, Warning and Information with rich user interface.

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