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12 Practical jQuery Accordion Menus and Sliders

Lengthy and unordered content would pose a bad impression to visitors. jQuery Accordion menus or sliders make it possible to hide unnecessary sections while focusing on the most important one when it’s active. It also displays all the available content rather than one slide by one slide. Purely from interactive point of view, accordion seems to be more functional. But personally I prefer the sleek looking of the original sliders. As for the accordion menus, they are best for some blog post or web page that, say, is too long to scroll. Or category section you want to save space.

Anyway, normally we have vertical accordion menu or horizontal content slider but it doesn’t has to be this way though. In today’s article, we selected a few accordion plugins (some available for WordPress already) to recommend for you.

1. Slidorion (Demo)

jquery accordion menu

2. liteAccordion (Demo)

jquery accordion slider

3. Accordion With CSS3 (Demo)

Accordion with CSS3

4. Akordeon (Demo)

Akordeon modern jquery accordion plugin

5. zAccordion (Demo)

ZAccordion  A Horizontal Accordion Plugin for jQuery  An Advanced Example

6. Flexible Slide-To-Top Accordion (Demo)

Flexible Slide to top Accordion

7. Vertical Sliding Accordion With jQuery (Demo)

Vertical Sliding Accordion with jQuery

8. jQuery Accordion Menu (Demo)

jQuery Accordion Menu

9. Evo Slider (Demo)

Evo Slider  jQuery Slideshow  Content Slider Plugin

10. jQuery Accordion Menu Widget for WordPress (Demo)

Wordpress accordion

11. WP UI – Tabs, Accordions, Sliders for WordPress (Demo)

Wordpress Accordion

12. jQuery Accordion Slideshow for WordPress (Demo)

Jquery Accordion Slideshow Slider WordPress Plugin

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