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All Things Sticky: 15 Useful Tutorials and Plugins

Sticky is to describe something on a website is in fixed position while scrolling within certain range. Intuitive but not intrusive sticky content could improve impressions on important content or make it easy to navigate. We all know there is a simple “fixed” positioned element in CSS. But in reality, for example, the sidebar will overlap elements such as footer or content. So in today’s article, you’ll find 20 useful tutorials and plugins for sticky header, footer, sidebar, side widget, section header, etc.

Layout of a website can be tricky. If you are interested in making websites responsive or parallax, don’t forget to check out our previous articles about responsive web design and parallax scrolling.

Sticky Plugin

StickyMojo sticky sidebar plugin

JQuery Stickem

JSticky Sticky Sidebar

jQuery Sticky Header

JQuery Sticky Header

How To Create A Fixed  Sticky Header

Persistent header

JQuery Sticky Sidebar Plugin

JQuery Sticky Section Headers

Sticky header jquery

How to Create a Sticky Floating Footer in WordPress

Widgetized Stickybar  WordPress

Sticklr  Sticky Side Panel jQuery WordPress Plugin

JQuery Sticky Footer

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